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(gak kesampean) Pencak Silat

Pencak silat adalah olah raga yang paling saya cita-citakan sejak kecil, apalagi pencak silat Indonesia sekarang sudah go internasional gara-gara laganya Iko Uwais dalam film The Raid yang diproduksi PT. Merantau Film. menonton filmnya membuat saya semakin tertarik saja dengan dunia silat. Read More…





This is a fun photo hunt for me
and a memorial with members of the club photographers
place on earth complex Indramayu Bumi Patra
we had a hunt after coming home from school
before we gathered in the cafeteria first and then prepare the vehicle to depart
confirmed after all the gathering we get going despite the fact that our vehicles carry minimal, so that one motor must be climbed three children, a state like that make memorable, plus we should not go because we use the vehicle exceeds the capacity, but there is only his wits to fool the security guard, we entered into a complex with alternating manner, to fulfill all the members gathered. the nice thing not easily forgotten

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